Steam Sterilization

Steam Sterilization

Adopting Steam Sterilization


Beginning in March, 2017


All of our powdered rhizomes will be steam sterilized.


The most refined palate might recognize a slightly roasted flavor profile difference.


However, in line with the needs of the times, this has become an essential manufacturing process for us.


Compared to alternatives, the process of steam sterilization acheives the greatest balance between maintaining ingredient purity and quality while ensuring the reliability and safety of our final product.


We repect that customers have a great diversity of opinions in regard to best manufacturing processes.


We appreciate your understanding of our decision in this matter!


Note that steam sterilization is conducted only once when our raw products are in powdered form. Therefore, the quality of our tablets has not changed with the introduction of steam sterilization.



Anshin Nouen Yamano
Takashi Yamano