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Recent Reasearch Into Turmeric, Zedoary and other Curcrumas

Here we offer links to recently published scholarly articles.


Please understand that we share references to these publications exclusively for the purpose of demonstrating that turmeric, zedoary and other curcuma species are of keen interest to scientists around the world today. The inclusion of a link to any certain study should not imply our expectation that the observed results could be reproduced by other researchers.


It is our hope that the scientists of the Earth will be perpetually enabled to broaden and deepen our communal knowledge of plants and their uses for the betterment of the lives of all people.


Physicochemical characteristics of kombucha based on various concentration of white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria (Berg.) Roscoe)
E Zubaidah, ZM Putri, H Sujuti, AP Rahayu, T Ardyati - Biocatalysis and Agricultural …, 2023
Currently, kombucha can not only be made from tea but also other substrates such
as fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. This research presented the usage of white
turmeric with various concentrations as kombucha substrate to enhance the …


A Mahanto, SK Rout, DP Barik
… Curcuma aromatica Salisb. is native to eastern and southern parts of India. The
plant is … of four Curcuma species and the isolation of compounds from curcuma
aromatica Rhizome … Repellency of aromatic turmeric Curcuma aromatica under …


[HTML] Comprehensive study on genetic and chemical diversity of Asian medicinal plants, aimed at sustainable use and standardization of traditional crude drugs
K Komatsu - Journal of Natural Medicines, 2023
… (3) Because of the wide distribution and morphological similarities of Curcuma
species, classification of some species is debated, which … aromatica [25]. This
situation leads to confusion in the use of Curcuma crude drugs and affects their safe …


[HTML] Comprehensive study on genetic and chemical diversity of Asian medicinal plants, aimed at sustainable use and standardization of traditional crude drugs
K Komatsu - Journal of Natural Medicines, 2023
… zedoaria showed NO-dependent relaxation and NO-independent relaxation,
suggesting the drug derived from C. zedoaria has the potential to cure Oketsu
through various acting … zedoaria are the likely botanical origins of Gajutsu …


[PDF] Applications of cow manure and bagasse biochar on the growth and flavonoids of white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria)
A Setyawati, M Rahayu, ES Muliawati, F Febriyanti - E3S Web of Conferences, 2023
Cow manure and bagasse biochar are expected to increase yield of white turmeric (Curcuma
zedoaria) and reduce the use of chemical that can trigger global warming. This study
aimed to obtain the response of adding cow manure and bagasse biochar on the …


Untargeted metabolomics reveals the regulatory effect of geniposidic acid on lipid accumulation in HepG2 cells and Caenorhabditis elegans and validation in …
H Huang, Q Gu, SM Nie, JD Wang, H Zhao, BW Zhai… - Phytomedicine, 2023
… Lipidomics can also help illustrate that the synergistic effect of the multi-component
action of Curcuma aromatica Salisb. rhizome extract could improve aberrant
sphingolipid, glycerophospholipid, and glycerolipid metabolism in coronary artery …


In vitro inhibition of six active sesquiterpenoids in the zedoary turmeric oil on human liver cytochrome P450 enzymes
S Liu, Y Zhao, X Tang, J Yang, C Pan, C Liu, J Han… - Journal of …, 2023
… Zedoary turmeric oil obtained from Curcuma zedoaria (Christm.) Roscoe, a widely
used traditional Chinese medicine, promotes qi, breaks blood stasis, eliminates
accumulation, and relieves pain. Zedoary turmeric oil has been used to treat cervical …


[PDF] Dietary Essential Oils and Cancer Chemo-preventive Potential
V Tiwari, A Tiwari, BK Banik, BM Sahoo
… Liu, Chemical compositions, antioxidative, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and
antitumor activities of Curcuma aromatica Salisb. essential … Chen, Essential oil of
Curcuma aromatica induces apoptosis in human non-small cell lung carcinoma cells …


Bioactive Compounds and Biological Activities of Curcuma Species
ST Devi, K Sanatombi - 2023
… zedoaria is commonly known as white turmeric [133]. The plant is native to India
and Indonesia but spread to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, China, and
some states of America [14, 133, 134]. The plant has laterally placed dark-pinkcolored …


A Comprehensive Review of Currently Researched Medicinal Herbs with Anticoagulant Potential
P Damdhar, K Pawara, A Valvi
… Curcuma aromatica Salisb Sangita P Shirsat, Kaveri P Tambe, Gayatri D Patil,
Ganesh G Dhakad Review on Curcuma aromatic as an Herbal medicine Research
Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics 14(2), 89-92, 2022 [41] …


Comparison of Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Extracted Zingiberaceae Rhizome using Subcritical Water Extraction
MFM Nordin, NZ Zulfadhly, N Mokhtar, NU Ahmad… - Journal of Research in …, 2023
In Malaysia, many local herbs can take advantage of their benefit for health products,
cosmetics, and food production. In this research, fresh Zingiberacea rhizomes
including Curcuma Longa, Curcuma Zedoaria, Curcuma Xanthorrhiza, Zingiber …


The role of gut microbiota and metabolites in cancer chemotherapy
S Li, S Zhu, J Yu - Journal of Advanced Research, 2023
… The fruit of the date palm and Astragalus mongholicus Bunge-Curcuma aromatica
Salisb contains significant amount of flavonoids that could significantly elevate the
fecal contents of SCFAs and increase the abundance of probiotics, such as …


Essential oil components of turmeric inhibit hepatic lipidification and liver fibrosis in a diet-induced NASH model rats
Y Watanabe, H Watanabe, S Kogure, Y Tanioka… - Scientific Reports, 2023
… Turmeric is a perennial herb of the ginger family native to tropical Asia, and
includes Curcuma longa (autumn turmeric), C. aromatica (spring turmeric), and C.
zedoaria (purple turmeric), and its rhizomes have been used since ancient times as …


Potential Therapeutics from Ayurveda, Siddha, and Homeopathic Medical System for Alzheimer's Disease
S Chandrani, A Justin Thenmozhi - … for Alzheimer's Disease: A Promising Therapeutic …, 2023
… The most common formulations are milk- and ghee-treated Curcuma aromatica,
Acorus calamus, and Zingiber officinale. In one study, Kausalya et al. (2017)
investigated the scientific rationale behind the practice by comparing the …


Anti-Viral Metabolites from Medicinal Plants
D Pal - 2023
… Reichling et al. confirmed the role of Rhus aromatica plant in the treatment of
herpes infection. Aqueous extracts of stem, root, and bark of dry fragment sumac
consist of tannin, gallic … These data confirmed the role of Rhus aromatica in the …


Research Progress on Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Primary Biliary Cholangitis
M Li, F Liu
… Curcuma aromatica) and ursodeoxycholic acid can significantly improve liver
function in patients with PBC liver and kidney deficiency syndrome, and reduce IgM
and γ-globulin. Professor Shao Ming [14] used the method of "igniting fire and …


Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of the rhizome extract of Curcuma zedoaria extracted using some organic solvents
A Budiansyah, U Haroen, S Syafwan, K Kurniawan - Journal of Advanced Veterinary …, 2023
Objective: This research aims to identify the effect of various organic solvents such
as n-hexane, ethyl acetate (EtOAc), and methanol (MeOH) on the antioxidant and
antibacterial activities of Curcuma zedoaria extract, against three Gram-positive …


Review on various Pharmaceuticals and their Pharmacology of Anti-repellents-As a Preventive aspect of Vector (mosquito species) borne Disease
MS Umashankar, S Bhuvaneshwari, SV Ghonmode… - Journal of Advanced …, 2023
… Another herbal study of Homalomena aromatica, Ocimum basilicum and Ageratum
conyzoides powder together with the powdered bark of Litsea glutinosa as a binder
to prepare cakes is able to repel … Curcuma aromatic … Curcuma Longa 45 …


The dual-targeting mechanism of an anti-inflammatory diarylheptanoid from Curcuma zedoaria (Christm.) Roscoe with the capacity for β2-adrenoreceptor agonism …
X Chen, H Zhou, T Hou, J Lu, J Wang, L Zhou, Y Zhao… - Chemico-Biological …, 2023
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common respiratory disease
characterized by symptoms of shortness of breath and chronic inflammation.
Curcuma zedoaria (Christm.) Roscoe is a well-documented traditional medical herb …


Pharmacological Aspects of Essential Oils: Current and Future Trends
S Singh, PK Chaurasia, SL Bharati - 2023
… Xylopia Aromatica (Lam.) Mart 9.2 Conclusions References … 16.1 Introduction
16.2 Chemical Evaluation of the Curcuma longa (Turmeric) Essential Oil 16.3
Pharmacological/Biological Activities of Essential Oil (EO) of Curcuma longa 16.3.1 …


Discovery of novel β-elemene hybrids with hydrogen sulfide releasing moiety possessing cardiovascular protective activity for the treatment of atherosclerosis
W Zhu, H Wu, C He, H Zhu, H Yao, Y Cao, Y Shi… - RSC Medicinal Chemistry, 2023
… Elemene, a mixture of active sesquiterpenes, that is extracted from Curcuma
aromatica Salisb, of which β-elemene is one of the primary active component.The
study has revealed that β-elemene displays activities such as inhibition of oxidative …


Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury in Signalling Pathways and Curcumin's Therapeutic Potential
V Subramaniyan, NSA Lubau, N Mukerjee… - Toxicology Reports, 2023
… Curcumin, a naturally occurring polyphenol derived from the rhizome of Curcuma
longa or turmeric, stands out in this domain. Owing to its favourable safety profile
and potential medicinal efficacy, curcumin has emerged as a compelling subject for …


A Review on Thrombolysis Enhancing Indian Edible Plants
V Jain, B Kunwar, SK Verma - Biomedical and Pharmacology Journal, 2023
… having more than 70% in vitro clot lysis potential; Coccinia grandis, Curcuma
longa, Cyperus rotundus, and Typha domingensis have 50-70% … Curcumin; a
polyphenol isolated from Curcuma longa, also demonstrated platelet aggregation …


Ameliorative effects of aqueous and ethanol extracts of Curcuma longa rhizome on lead-induced toxicity in adult male Wistar rats
O Azeez, IO Adegboyega - Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 2023
… This study investigated the ameliorative roles of Curcuma longa rhizome extracts (aqueous
and ethanolic) on the haematological, … of Curcuma longa respectively, while
group E and F rats were exposed to a dose of 150 mg/kg lead acetate with 100 and …


RN Nithya, RS Nandhini, UK Kumar
… ABSTRACT: This study investigates the presence of bioactive compounds
present in the tubers of Curcuma zedoaria using GC-MS analysis. Different
compounds, including alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, and proteins, were identified …


A Magical Rhizome
FB Tessema, YH Gonfa, MG Tadesse, A Bachheti…
… The only Curcuma species that is widely farmed and traded worldwide is turmeric,
C. longa (Burapan et al., 2020). The multi-purpose major compound curcumin and
the rhizome in powder, extracts, and EO forms are used both traditionally and as …


Turmeric starch: structure, functionality, and applications
Y Rasmi, KK K?rbo?a, B Tekin, M Demir - Non-Conventional Starch Sources, 2024
… zedoaria). Microscopic analysis revealed a flat triangular form and
viscoamylographic analysis revealed that the pasting temperatures for … zedoaria).
Microscopic analysis revealed a flat triangular form and viscoamylographic analysis …


Plants with Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Potential: A Review on Folk Medicinal Plants of Upper Assam, India
PJ Das, S Ahmed, PP Dutta, P Gogoi, MP Pathak…
… Clinical studies also confirmed activities of formulations containing Aloe
barbadensis and Curcuma longa in treatment of pain and inflammation … Another
study showed beneficial effect of curcumin (source: Curcuma longa) in idiopathic …


Interleukin-6 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Dualistic Point of View
I Nenu, TM Toadere, I Topor, A ?ichindeleanu… - Biomedicines, 2023
… Looking towards bioactive compounds derived from plants that target IL-6 in HCC,
including Curcuma phaeocaulis [135], Curcuma aromatica, Polygonum cuspidatum [136],
and Silybum marianum [137], it has been shown that curcumin inhibits IL-6-induced …


Unmasking the Warburg Effect: Unleashing the Power of Enzyme Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy
E Angulo-Elizari, L Gaviria-Soteras, I Zubiri… - Drugs and Drug Candidates, 2023
… Several studies have reported that curcumin (compound 16 in Figure 2), a natural
polyphenolic pigment extracted from the Curcuma aromatica salisb, has significant
pharmacological actions, including a chemo-preventive efficacy. It has been …


Understanding mechanistic aspect of the therapeutic role of herbal agents on neuroplasticity in cerebral ischemic-reperfusion injury
A Bangar, H Khan, A Kaur, K Dua, TG Singh - Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2023
… The plants and phytochemicals such as Curcuma longa L., Moringa oliefera Lam,
Panax ginseng CA Mey., and Rehmannia glutinosa (Gaertn.) DC., etc., have shown
promising effects in improving neuroplasticity after experimental stroke. Such effects …


Chemical properties and inhibitory activities of tyrosinase, α‐glucosidase, and urease from chloroform extract of Curcuma aromatica Salisb. rhizomes
TH Le, TQ Bui, PH Dang, HX Nguyen, TN Van Do… - Vietnam Journal of …, 2023
… Curcuma aromatica Salisb., belonging to the genus Curcuma in the family
Zingiberaceae, is … aromatica is one of Curcuma’s most chemically investigated
species. Phenolic compounds … aromatica. From the CHCl3 extract of C. aromatic …


E Mamajanova - Экономика и социум, 2023
… This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the literature on the usage
of Curcuma zedoaria against pancreatic diseases. Key … of Curcuma zedoaria in
the management of pancreatic diseases. Bioactive Compounds in Curcuma …


Literature study: Activity of white turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria) as an anti-inflammatory
NNW Udayani, NNAP Sari, IMAS Putra, IPT Suwantara… - Journal of Midwifery and …, 2023
… White turmeric (Curcuma zedoaria) is a plant that can be used as an anti-inflammatory.
This study aims to determine the anti-inflammatory activity of White Turmeric (Curcuma
zedoaria) through a literature review in the form of national and international articles …


Zingiberaceae Plants: A Cornucopia of Promising Chemotherapeuticals for Cancer Cure
T Soumya, PR Jayasree, PR Manish Kumar - Bioprospecting of Tropical Medicinal …, 2023
… zedoaria rhizome termed Ezhu in Chinese is extensively used in traditional
Chinese medicine to treat various ovarian and cervical cancers. Ethanolic extract of
C. zedoaria … zedoaria were found to have moderately potent cytotoxic activity on …


Ethnomedicinal knowledge of traditional healers on medicinal plants in Sukoharjo District, Central Java, Indonesia
RNUR FADHILAH, NS KOESDARYANTO… - Biodiversitas Journal of …, 2023
… zedoaria), which is commonly used in digestive system diseases such as
flatulence and ulcers. People in China and Japan have traditionally used the kunyit
putih plant to treat flatulence, cough, menstrual disorders, fever, dyspepsia, vomiting …


Turmeric and Its Effects On Health
H TOSUN - All Rights Reserved It may not be reproduced in any …
Curcumin, commonly known as ‘Turmeric’or the ‘Golden Spice,’is a hydrophobic
polyphenol derived from the rhizomes of perennial plants belonging to the ginger
family (Zingiberaceae). The family comprises various species like Curcuma longa …


Species of curcuma: a source of anticancer agents
MA Dar, AH Khan - International Journal of Current Research in …, 2023
… of C zedoaria was accounted for against human enormous cell cellular
breakdown in the lungs (NCI-H40) Curcuma zedoaria displayed enemy of … The
enlistment of apoptosis in TE-8 cells treated with the C zedoaria removes happened …


Basic research on curcumin in cervical cancer: Progress and perspectives
X Zhang, L Zhu, X Wang, H Zhang, L Wang, L Xia - Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2023
Curcumin is a polyphenolic substance extracted from plants such as Curcuma longa,
Curcuma zedoaria, and radix curcumae, and it has attracted much attention because
of the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor, antibacterial and other multiple …