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Below is transcribed a small sample of feedback that we have received (translated from the original Japanese):


The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Yokohama:


It's been a year since I started drinking Yamano's zedoary. I want to make my life successful in the future! The one-year plan diet that started with the thought was the trigger. Although I was able to lose weight smoothly through diet management and exercise, there was no sign of weight loss after that, and I was quite depressed.
At that time, a friend lent me a video of Spa Spa Human Studies and introduced it to me. I have a very cautious personality, and I was worried that there were many zedoary products that were mixed with things I wanted to try, and that they were expensive (if they were expensive, it would be difficult to continue). I did a lot of research on the Internet about gejutsu.
I first saw Mr. Yamano's website, and after that I researched other companies' zedoary.
In terms of quality and price, Mr. Yamano's zedoary is safe to introduce, so now some of my friends are praising it.
I think that I have to protect my body by myself, so I started dieting, but I would like to continue drinking zedoary to maintain my health.
Above all, I am very grateful to Mr. Yamano for his kindness, politeness, and warm personality.



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Shizouka

The zedoary arrived a little late yesterday.
I've been waiting for it to arrive.
(I'm sorry! Kuroneko DM service is a shipping service, but it seems that delivery may take some time.
We have now changed to "Nekoposu", which delivers almost the same speed as courier.
@@@Delivery is guaranteed, but if you are in a hurry, please specify courier service. )
It's been about 5 months since he started using zedoary, and he's run out again for about a week now.
I think I could feel the difference before and after using it.
Here too, it is said that they cultivated and produced seed potatoes from Okinawa.
We sell zedoary powder
Unfortunately, what about pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers? It has several marks.
In this regard, Mr. Yamano's zedoary is 100% reliable and can be used with peace of mind.
After all, in Yakushima, he sees it with his own eyes, touches it, and experiences it.



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Ishikawa

At first, I thought it would be difficult to drink, but once I got used to it, I started to enjoy it.
I would like to use it habitually all the time. Thank you for your continued supportS(V^Þ^)ƒmô


"That's right!" Once you get used to the bitterness, you'll be fine (^¤^)v



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Nagano

it's delicious!
There may be no one who says zedoary is delicious, but...
I take it to work and drink it whenever I remember.
Yamano's zedoary is safe to drink.
Please continue to make safe, secure and delicious food.
Thank you.



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Saitama

I'm drinking it right away; But like Jindan
Refreshing and refreshing
There were various sites such as places that deal with health foods,
This is where you can see the face of the creator and the entire manufacturing process.
The product gave me a sense of security
So I decided to ask
Thank you for your quick response
I look forward to working with you



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Kanagawa

When I first received powdered zedoary, I put in too much,
"It's not for humans to drink (tears)," I cried.
Now I can't calm down without drinking zedoary.
As the manufacturer said, once you get used to it, you will feel refreshed after drinking!
I can see that my body is happy.



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Chiba

At first, I tried drinking it as a powder,
I got choked.
So I put it in a capsule,
It's very drinkable and my family loves it.
The problem is that it takes a long time to fill
In the meantime, as much as I have to endure the smell
Is not it. . . .



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Aichi

Last time (3/8), I ordered zedoary from Mr. Yamano's farm.


At first it was very bad and the couple frowned...
But as my body warmed up and I got used to the taste, both my husband and I became addicted to it.
In addition, I would appreciate your favor about three bags.



The Voice of a Zedoary Customer In Kumamoto

I always wrap it in an oblate and drink it.
It would be helpful if you could ship it as soon as possible.
Please take care of yourself.